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A superior range of underwater products

Kaylan Offshore products are manufactured specifically for the marine sector and offshore wind turbine, oil and gas industries. Others include anti-vibration pads, spacers, fenders, riser clamps and seals.

Like all our products, they possess all the benefits of traditional ‘tough’ materials combined with the kind of elasticity and extensibility normally only associated with rubber. The result is a material that is tough, flexible, and non-corrosive. What’s more, Kaylan’s compression properties also exceed conventional elastomers of equal hardness.

Superior impact resistance and outstanding thermal properties

Working at great depths and in extreme conditions, on or offshore, presents no problem to Kaylan Offshore products. Unlike many conventional elastomers, Kaylan loses none of its elasticity and won’t crack under impact at higher hardnesses. Not only does it possess significantly better impact resistance than most other plastics, it also resists cracking under repeated flexing.

From cable and piggy back clamps, to bend stiffeners and bend restrictors, every product receives the utmost care and attention when formulating the correct Kaylan material to ensure that it’s fit for purpose. This attention to detail applies to all our mouldings, from 6 metre long bend stiffeners to 1 inch diameter seals.

What’s more, Kaylan retains its properties at temperatures as low as -30°C, and thanks to its outstanding resilience to thermal shock, will continue to perform well in arctic conditions. Likewise, it will also sustain continuous use at +80°C.

Kaylan Offshore products custom-moulded to your exact requirements

Detailed in this section are 4 featured products typically produced by Kaylan Offshore. (Please click the featured links below or use the menu above.) Each example from this list is precision engineeered and expertly moulded directly to our client’s design specifications.

Kaylan Offshore products include, but are not limited to:

If you have a requirement for a product that is not listed here, we can produce it.

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