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A wealth of experience in precision manufacturing

The secret of our success lies in the extensive knowledge and expertise of Kaylan Offshore’s sister company, Kay-Dee Engineering Plastics Ltd. Our wealth of experience allows us to select the optimum grade of polyurethane and combine it with the most appropriate additives. The result? A unique Kaylan range of bespoke formulated elastomers whose outstanding physical properties provide the ideal solution to a wide range of engineering problems.

Proven to consistently outperform the more traditional materials such as rubber, metal, plastic and ceramic, Kaylan Offshore products are relied upon not only in the offshore and subsea sectors, but also in such demanding areas as mining and construction, aerospace and motorsport. In fact, just about anywhere that you can’t afford a polyurethane product to fail. 

A truly bespoke service

Combined with our ability to supply parts in almost any shape, size or colour, Kaylan Offshore products can be made to complement existing and new designs. Plus, we can offer production runs from just a single one-off prototype to over one million pieces per annum.

This highly tailored service also means that replacing spare parts is achieved with minimal disruption. For instance, there’s no need for on-site drilling of holes or alteration of size since all necessary slots and fittings are already moulded into the finished part.

All in all, Kaylan Offshore offers the perfect manufacturing solution for anyone who needs a material that not only out performs traditional ones, but also offers long-term cost saving benefits. It’s lighter than metal, stronger than ceramic and more durable than rubber.